purple black white yellow green multi-colored pink pinkish blue
Bai He Wo Xue 
Crown-anemone form.Flowers 17cm6cm,white.Stalks fairly long,flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Bai Yu 
crown form.Flowers 16cm8cm,white.Flowering midseason.Growth fairly vigorous,flowers many.
Jing Yu (Sai Xue Ta) 
Crown form.Flowers 17cm9cm,white.Flowers upright.Flowering early.Growth vigorous,flowers profuse,tolerant of adverse conditions.
Kun Shan Ye Guang 
Crown form.Flowers 16cm6cm,white,sparkling and tidy.Flowers usually hidden among the leaves.Flowering late.Growth vigorous,flowers normal.
Qing Shan Guan Xue 
Crown form.Flowers 12cm5cm,white.Flowering early.Growth vigorous.
Qing Xiang Bai 
Crown-lotus,anemone form.Flowers 15cm7cm,white.Flowers upright.Flowering early.Growth vigorous,flowers many,several flower forms found on a plant.
Xue Ta 
Crown-lotus,anemone form.Flowers 16cm9cm,white.Stalks stout,flowers upright.Flowering midseason.Growth vigorous,flowers many.
Yu Ban Bai 
Lotus form.Flowers 17cm4cm,white.Flowers upright.Flowering early.Flowers many,.
Yu Lou Dian Cui 
Crown proliferate form.Flowers 17cm13cm,white.Flowering late.Growth vigorous,high yield of danpi from roots for medicine,tolerant of leaf spot,leaves falling late.
Feng Dan Bai
Single form.Growth fairly vigorous.Flowering early.Flowers many.
Single form.With dark purple blotch at the petal base.
purple black white yellow green multi-colored pink pinkish blue

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